At 3Bs we believe a patron dining out is entitled to the finest of Drinks & BBQ�s, and there can be no better treat than to fed to one�s heart content without having to ask. Served without any limitations, 5 Veg & 5 Non Veg starters flows only to encourage you to indulge till the time you enjoy. With an unbelievable offer of MRP on foreign liquor brands, which is for the first time in Chennai, the spirits are bound to run high !! An efficient buffet with an cold stone creamery allows your culinary creations to fly, What a perfect end to an limitless dining, We call it Dining at a Buddies place.

Pure Vegetarian Restaurant
Epicurean Abundance. Fixed charge.

We encourage you to indulge in unlimited abundance. From our prefix menu consists of 5 vegetarian and 5 non-vegetarian delicacies. Followed by a sumptuous buffet dinner and desserts at a nominal charge. Tariffs, services time and portions do not restrict you. Eat as much as you enjoy, Bon Appetite.

Redefined � Redecorated and artistically planned 30 Air Conditioned rooms in the heart of the city. Opposite to Somasundaram Play Ground, T.Nagar.

The Hi-Fi Rooftop BAR open to the skies�where you can enjoy the pleasure of drinking, domestic and imported spirits to your maximum while the swaying branches of the foliage bend to welcome you, The sizzling barbeques and the mouth watering spicy tit bits makes you feel like heaven on earth.

Our Travel Desk executive will assist you with inbound or outbound tours, car rental, train ticketing etc.